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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a hit-and-run driver hits a four-year-old boy. what police say the boy was doing moments after the crash. >> stocks are down. california's unemployment rate back up, as the economy gets worse. why bay area police are warning watch your neck. >> good evening. >> dana has the night off. the hit-and-run driver who struck and kill add four-year- old boy had twice been sited for driving without a license. that's according to police records. >> people in the santa rosa neighborhood where this happened also say that the intersection is a very dangerous one. >> flowers, notes s stuffed
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toys accumulated this crosswalk. the boy was walking with his twin sister, older sister, and mother when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. the boy was flown to oakland children's hospital where he died early today. shane goodman, a security guard said he saw the accident. >> i heard the kid get hit and i saw the car sped by and when i saw the car sped by, it recognized the license plate and he lived on the property. >> police broadcast the vehicle's description on the police radio system. a citizen listening saw the suspect's car. he told police the suspect was removing decals and a woman came by to pick him up. police later located 22-year- old marcus lopez garcia. he was booked on felony hit-and- run. neighbors say the croc
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crosswalk is dangerous. >> we have a situation where there's a four-lane road with multiple crosswalks here in this block. but this one right here doesn't have a stop sign or a flashing crosswalk. >> a lot of kids around here with the park and school ground, but they don't pay attention to the signs. >> these students decided to take on crosswalk safety as a project, gathering names on a petition. >> trying to get a lay on the plaza so there won't be as many accidents. >> a will the of little kids here and driving too fast and they won't stop. >> garcia is charged with driving without a legal license. it's the third time he's had that charge, police say. the second time just a week before the accident. in santa rosa, cbs 5. >> here in san francisco, crossing the street costs one person their life today. a muni bus hit and killed a woman this afternoon. this happened at 18th and
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hartford. police say the woman was in the crosswalk at the time. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police say that the driver of the bus is cooperating. >> shot on the sidewalk. that's what happened to three juveniles in the city's neighborhood this afternoon. it happened in the 1500 block of eddie street. the witness describes what he did when he heard the shots being fired. >> i thought okay, that's very close and i should probably just start running. so i did. >> three young men got into an altercation with another man. the shooter fired as they ran away. police are searching tonight for whoever is responsible. the trio's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> wall street ended the week on a low note, marking the fourth consecutive week of losses. the dow closed down 172 points today. it sits at 10,817. the nasdaq and s and p fell as well. both dropping about 1 1/2
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percent. analysts say that investors are worried the country is headed toward a double dip recession. while stocks are down, california's unemployment rate is unfortunately on the way back up. jumped .2 in july to 12%. california has the second highest unemployment in the country, second to nevada. the state only added 4500 jobs last month. that's compared to 30,000 in june. the economy is treading water. it's growing, but not fast enough to create more jobs. certainly not enough to make a difference for dozens of students who finished a jobs training program. remember all that talk about how green jobs were the wave of the future? why that future is still pretty far off. >> pomp, circumstance, and the lieutenant governor at a green jobs ceremony in richmond. >> that's why you're here. >> they are here to hail
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graduates. the only problem, many of these graduates may never even work a green job. >> right now i'm a laborer, but working to be a carpenter. >> you hope to get a grown job in the future? >> yeah. this is just for right now. i need the money. >> the promise of green jobs hasn't squared with the reality. clean energy jobs account for 2.2% of employment. gavin newsome tried to put a positive spin on it. >> i have great expectations that we are going to see something dramatic happen in the next two years. >> facts are grim. last year, the solar panel shattered a plant after receiving half a billion federal plant. >> demand isn't there yet. i think if there was a bigger demand, we have the trained people to go to work. >> officials blame a lack of
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focus in washington and sacramento on green jobs and no long-term plan. >> i think there needs to be an overall energy policy that speaks to the american people and unfortunately, there isn't. >> that's about to change with new legislation. >> our landmarks, environmental protection will require dramatic shifts in this state. >> richmond build officials say it's going to take more than that. they want federal legislation and a 20 year plan to make sure the green jobs keep coming. in richmond, kristen ayers, cbs 5. >> while job numbers in the economy sink, one that is up, the price of gold. another record high today, 1880 an ounce. bay area thieves see an opportunity around your neck. >> it takes guts to someone to go up to someone and do that. that's terrible. >> police are warning about a spike in crime in oakland,
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brazen thieves stealing gold jewelry to sell it for cash. >> people are snatching the necklaces off their necks and running off on foot. >> it's been happening all summer, up to four times a day, often in the fruitvail neighborhood and around lake merit during commute hours. police are afraid it will get worse. >> as people become comfortable, they become violent. >> the crime can be lucrative, the price of gold keeps breaking records. the necklaces stolen range in value, but many are worth hundreds of dollars. >> i would be more cautious, even if someone is approaching me. >> wear less. >> the best advice from police is try to hide your gold jewelry inside of your clothes. there is a $5,000 reward out for any information leading to an ires in these cases. cbs 5. >> other stories making
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headlines around the bay area, the body found in the bay last night is the man who fell out of a canoe. michael butler was out on the water with friends near treasure island on wednesday when the canoe they were in flipped over. butler's friends swam back to shore, butler stayed behind. the woman feared to be held hostage bay gunman during a police standoff at a san rafael hotel was not in the room with him. she was on a different floor. it's not clear why she didn't come forward sooner. peter thomas was found dead after a standoff with police that lasted more than a day. the incident caused major traffic tieups in the area. next time somebody tells you that a movie stinks, they could mean it literally. this summer's movie gimmick, which offers an old factory for dimension. spy kids 4 is not a great movie by a long shot. but what it lacks in good
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acting, writing, and believable special effects, it makes up for in gimmicks. when you see the number on the screen, rub the corresponding number on the card and sniff. the smell is supposed to make it a more immersive experience. it's not all roses. >> a lot of smells are going to be amazing. and then there's going to be some smells like, for the love of god, i don't want to smell that. >> it's not new. it was last used back in 2003. hollywood introduced motion seats and of course 3d, all to increase ticket sales. spy kids director says nowadays movies are too passive. during early testing, groups wanted a stinky smell, so we included dirty diapers. as for kids, reviews were mixed. >> did the smell help make the movie better? >> yes. >> did it help you enjoy the
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movie more? >> not really. it was okay though. >> for parents, watching dvd's at home doesn't compare. >> it gets us out of the house. you know, $25 to come see it. >> would you pay money for this? >> i wouldn't, but maybe kids would. >> and so everybody gets one of these smell cards regardless of whether you see the 2d or 3d version of the movie. the best part about it, it is free for now. >> not a new idea, we used to call it smellavision. >> it's an old concept, but people forget and here it is. a big deal again. >> 4d newscasts. >> thank you. i think ken can get too close there. a big game for bragging rights in the bay area this weekend. the 49ers versus the raiders. if the 49ers lose, san francisco mayor will send
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oakland mayor crab and chocolate. if oakland loses, quan will send lee chocolates and oakland wine. we have a special broadcast the 49ers versus the raiders tomorrow. pregame coverage starts at 4:30, kickoff at 5:00. coming up, the gun was loaded. how one bay area employee turned the tables on this criminal and ended up shaking his hand. the new policy that will give illegal immigrants a new chance at the american dream. the shelter and all its animals saved for now. how the valley humane society will manage to keep its doors open. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an attempted robbery at a fairfield restaurant ends with a handshake. take a look at this video. it happened at closing time. a masked man points it at an employee and demands money. the employee pushes the gun aside and tells him he can't open the safe. the two men squirmish and the robber ends up with his own shotgun pointed at him. he asked for his gun back, but the employee gives the robber a handshake and lets him leave. the gunman is still at large.
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a long time undocumented imgrants are hoping the obama's new enforcement policy will give them a pass to citizenship. >> opponents say it's a political move. >> andrea garcia was five years old when her mother brought her here illegally, now she's a college graduate. >> this is my life, this is my culture and i am american. >> her life in america is threatened by a pending deportation order. >> it was very surreal. our lawyer calling us and saying you know, they might come pick you guys up at 5:00 in the morning. >> focus on deporting convicted criminals may mean andrea's family can stay. >> we are just kind of throating. we don't know what's going to happen. >> you can't relax fully about this. >> immigrant advocates say the change makes economic sense. each deportation costs $24,000. >> do we want to spend our
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money deporting and looking for janitors and college students or do we want to focus on people who have committed serious crimes? >> critics like dan stein say the administration move is not about saving money, it's about getting votes. >> this administration is opposed to immigration law enforcement. they think most immigrants are going to vote democrat, it's politics. >> hispanic voters made it clear they are unhappy with the president's failure to achieve immigration reform. last year the defeat of the dream act disappointed thousands of young undocumented immigrants. the act would val provided a path for legalization for those brought here as children, like andrea garcia. >> it's like this emotional roller coaster. there's no real stability in my life because i really don't know what's going to happen. >> there are an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. john blackstone, cbs news, san
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francisco. a popular animal shelter threatened with closure raised the money it needs to stay open. the valley humane society in pleasantton saved hundreds of cats and dogs each year. community donations are keeping the doors from closing. >> we were getting donations from little kids giving us their piggy banks. $13.11, all the way up to $125,000. >> the society relies mainly on volunteer labor. the economy caused donations to fall, costs and animal rescues are on the rise. the reprieve may be only temporary. the staff is still figuring out how they can stay afloat past november. >> the royal mascot of burger king is being dethrowned. the struggling fast food chain is kicking out its creepy -- you know that guy? it's going to air a new commercial beginning next week. doesn't have any dialogue at all. it features the sights and sounds of fresh veggies being
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prepared. burger king wants to freshen up its image and focus on its food. a tropical storm and the remnants of it and the affect on your seven-day forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's been a cloudy night with the marine layer moving back on shore into the bay and marching inland. everybody becomes mostly cloudy. temperature wise into the 50s. it looks like this marine layer is going to penetrate inland 60 to 70 miles and notice how it lingers around the bay most of the day and anticipate no clearing around the coast. this marine layer, roughly 2,000 feet has been enhanced by this area of low pressure hanging offshore. it is gradually sliding to the south and it puts pressure on the sea breeze. this will keep our temperatures consistent all weekend.
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statewide, 90 degrees. the forecast for saturday and fresno and in yukia. 89 degrees in yosemite. partial clearing in monterey in the low 60s. we're talking about sunshine and 75 once the clouds clear in sai sonoma. temperature wise, looks like 58 degrees in berkeley, but factor if that wind. again out of the west up to 20 miles per hour. it's going to feel like a raw day there. otherwise, one of the warmest locations. pleasantton up to 78 degrees. no clearing around the coast. past moon bay at 58. 73 degrees in san jose, which is almost ten degrees below average for this time of the year. the extended forecast calls for sunday. otherwise, near seasonal readings by monday into tuesday. then slight cooldown and the
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remnants of a tropical storm, adding humid di by wednesday through friday. that's the pinpoint forecast. a bay area coach gets a contract extension through 2022 and one of these days the giants will snap out of their funk, but that day won't be today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well you hate to see it. you know it's not going last for ever. eventually the giants are going to snap out of this. but watching these games are brutal. >> we were talking about that, teams not contenders, but they have the diamondbacks coming here. that will be a pivotal series. orlando cabrera is out with a strained groin. and eli whiteside was placed on the dl with a concussion. it has gotten so bad that tonight's starting lineup had one guy hitting above .250 and they looked worse against wandy rodriguez. he strikes out 8 in 8 shutout innings and the astros didn't look like the team in the worst record in baseball. j.b. shuck hit the two-run double down the right field line.
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2-0 astros. got even worse in the 6th. carlos corporan hits one too hot it handle for aubrey huff. two more runs come around to score. the astros win 6-0 as the giants get shut out for the second night in a row and the 12th time this season. the diamondbacks in atlanta. brian mccann hits a two-run shot. they beat the dbacks 4-2 and for the giants, arizona has now lost three straight. so the giants remain 2 1/2 games back in the west, but maybe their only shot at the playoffs is they are now seven games behind the braves for the wild card. a's and j's, toronto had the bases loaded. but they couldn't cash in against rich. he strikes out the side and never looks back.
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bottom of the first. a two-run shot. 21st of the season. the a's beat the blue jays 2-0. raiders head coach, hugh jackson, isn't like most people. he is full of ring every day during training camp. >> probably the most in terms of enthusiasm and energy. i think the guy drinks spark every morning mixed with coffee. >> stand by as we get nothing for running out of bounds. nothing. >> there's this inner guy in front of me. i talk to him every now and then and he tells me you need to slow down. >> we have a uniqueness about our team where guys care for one another. from being there. >> you can see the battle of
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the bay tomorrow night right here on cbs 5. our coverage starts with a special pregame show at 4:30. college hoops news, randy agreed to a new ten-year deal. that is the biggestest coach and two years ago, he led sat mary's for the first time in school history. it is our friday night top five. at number five, derek lanly shot a 7 over 77 and missed the cut. when you hit a hole in one, you make the top five. my producer, a huge fan of the red sox broadcaster. i think the producer needs some serious help. number three. this guy can dance. he does more than break the infield in tampa. never two. they were supposed to implayer
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safety m good luck with that. >> zimmerman, that's a fair ball grand slam. game over. nationals win -- >> the nats score six runs in the 9th. the fuellies have the best ronde in baseball. >> had a chance to go up and meet joach jackson. what a smart individual. >> he's really smart and jason campbell is going it be the beneficiary of him hiring them and the first time since playing in the same offense since high school. he was really amazing. >> the players were really, really high. >> hubert wouldn't tell me how long his starts were beginning to play disl. is it rue hubert? >> i think so. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,
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ers versus raiders football channel and a big reminder for you. we have a special broadcast of 49ers versus raiders football tomorrow night right here on cbs 5. pregame coverage starts at 4:30. kickoff at 5:00 p.m. anybody going to watch it?


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